About Amvia

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Amvia (Am-Vee-Ah): completely made up name, but you can talk to my parents about that and since most people ask, it comes from my grandmothers and great grandmothers names, Amelia and Sylvia. I hated the name for years, it was weird and different and I was always made fun of, but this year I started to love the name and finally embrace the weird human I am. I am also forever indebted to my father for not letting my mother call me, Sylame… which by the way, would’ve been pronounced Salami. To say I could’ve had it worse, would be an understatement.

I’m all about that positive lifestyle, as in positive thoughts, self-image, vibes and everything in between… well maybe not everything, I don’t want to get a positive on a pregnancy test or like when tested for an STI, but I mean I like when people say “Good job!” and smile and stuff, the simple things. I’m 24 going on 92, all my friends and even my siblings call me “Mom”. I live in Vancouver, British Columbia but I am originally from Calgary, Alberta. Moving was in fact, the best decision I ever made, excluding saving all my chokers from 5th grade.  I have the most incredible dog named, James Franco-Bond, she is a toy Australian Shepherd and she is my entire world, it is bananas how much I love her.


I’m 5 foot 3, so I’m pretty tiny but I’m mighty.  I love making other people laugh and I love laughing It has always been so much more important to me to be kind and to be funny than it has been to be pretty and popular, which I think explains pretty accurately why the latter two never really happened for me. I have said “I” so many times in the past 10 minutes I think I may need to add in that I am slightly narcissistic but not in a bad way, because lets face it, I’m perfect. Some people think that there is always room for growth and improvement, but not me. I don’t think I could get any better so I’m just gonna stay right here where I’m comfortably just coasting and hope for the best for the next 5 years.

This blog is supposed to be an honest reflection of myself and my thoughts, sometimes the posts will be beautifully articulated and thought-provoking and sometimes they’ll be a god damn disaster; that’s the exciting part though, it’s like running with scissors, sometimes it goes fine and its exhilarating and other times you’re in the hospital and your mom is telling the doctor “I told Johnny not to run with scissors and what did he do?” and you and your doctor and just sitting there like “man, whose this loser?” and then you guys like high-five when she goes to get some jello because the wound was pretty gnarly. Yeah, that’s exactly what this is going to be like.

So sit back, grab a drink and let’s get this thing started.

xx your gal, AL.