Hello all,

I only recently started this blog but I’m incredibly excited to announce that coming soon there will be an entirely different addition to my website, dun dun dun! Starting my own business, dun dun dun! Adulting, dun dun dun!

To those of you wondering, I will absolutely still be keeping the Personal Blog aspect of my site because that is very meaningful to me and my journey, but the bigger picture is slowly coming into focus and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

Stay tuned as I have new posts coming up every other day and within the next two weeks the entirety of the rest of the site will be published. Special thanks to Black Coffee, Luc and Sarah for believing in me, supporting me and helping me realize that being unapologetically myself might just be my biggest strength of all.

See you soon, kiddos!

xx your gal, AL.