I’ve Been Away For Too Long

The little pink thing covering my camera is because since watching Snowden I’m truly terrified of someone watching me without my knowledge. I mean, they wouldn’t see anything cool, but like do I really want people watching me picking my nose or crying at videos of cute dogs? No, no I do not. That’s my time, not theirs.

Onto bigger and better things, I’ve been away for a while because I had to go to Calgary for my dad’s birthday, visit my old office family and then my little pup ended up getting hurt so shout out to my parents for covering an $900 vet bill, which I’ll never be able to be pay back. It was exhausting. But also great, I loved seeing my family and surprising my drunk dad when I arrived at 11pm, the cutest!

Any whom, this is actually just an update blog because I have some more stories and meaningful posts coming up for when I actually have some energy back. Praying that, that is soon!

I start a new job Monday, which I couldn’t be more excited about. Thanks to Office Family for giving me rave reviews! It’ll be nice to start getting out of the house and meeting new people whilst taking on a big challenge. I’m sure I’ll be writing all about it, but after I nap and get used to waking up before 9AM everyday. This is going to take a really long time for me to get used too. It’s literally 7PM and I’m exhausted on a Saturday.

I’m also trying to swear less, which has proven to be a bigger challenge then I ever expected. Please let me know what words you use when you’re trying not to swear? I need help!!! HELP!!! Who knew I was a sailor in a past life? Crazy.

xx your gal, AL.

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