Hello, I’m Average.

I read an article this morning on Psychology Today, about why being average isn’t actually a bad thing and although I don’t necessarily agree with how it was written, it did have some very valid points.

If you don’t want to read the article I can sum it up for you, basically, it’s saying that by all technicalities the majority of people in the world are average and roughly only 35% of people are above average in terms of, intelligence, creativity, happiness, leadership, all that jazz. This is actually something I have some trouble with so I’m going to come back to it later. Then the author says that psychologically speaking it’s not actually bad to be average because it means in most cases you will avoid psychological downfall or illnesses, so that’s cool I guess, if you’re into that kind of thing. But really what it’s saying to accept that you’re average, because most of us are. Boom. Doctored.

I’m average AF. Like in all areas, my body weight, intelligence, height, eye colour, creativity, personality, I mean it. When I say I’m average I mean there is not one single thing that I’m really good at. Now before you think I’m all down on myself, I’m not at all I swear. You see my problem is, I’m good at everything I try, except snowboarding, I’ve accepted that as well. BUT I’m not phenomenal at anything. Like if anything I would get a participation trophy in life because I’m not even doing great at that and we all have to do life. I’m that kid that shows up to soccer practice but is benched the whole time. I’m here and I’m okay and if it comes down to it, I’ll kick the ball but otherwise I’m good watching and just celebrating after with juice boxes and granola bars. I’m that average.

The thing I like most about being this way is that if by chance I do something really well everyone including myself gets to be surprised and proud of me. Its like I’m constantly on the Price Is Right and I’m betting $400 and someone always goes for the $401, like an asshole, but just once I’m the last to pick and I get to be the asshole so I win and I get to go up and meet Bob Barker (is that even this name? He was in Happy Gilmour, I know that) or Drew Carrey or whoever is doing that shit now, I mean I definitely won’t win the new car, but hey I got up there and that’s something. I’m killing these examples today, by the way.

Everyone wants to be special, because everyone is told that they are but why can’t we just be average? Whats so wrong with doing my absolute best and it still just being okay?

Lastly, let’s go back to my first issue with the entirety of the article. If you want to be exceptional at something, you can be. That is what I don’t get, they made it seem like it was always average, below average or exceptional, like there was no way to go from one to the other, which is BS. When I was little I had the worst personality, I was shy to the point where I wouldn’t talk to anyone and now I still have the worst personality but I’m not shy anymore, I was able to change that trait about myself and I’m sure if I tried I could change others.

The point of training and learning new things is to become better then you currently are at those things. You’re not spending $5000 on intense hockey lessons and camps just so you can never improve, unless your parents/you are below average and have money to blow, in which case, hit your girl up! Now, I’m not saying that you can’t love hockey and spend money on it just because it makes you happy, but I’m trying to give an extreme example so just bear with me.

Life is about doing things you love and I believe that you have the power to become more intelligent, happier, stronger, kinder, have a better personality, if you want those things. But if you don’t and you’re happy with who you are, that’s okay too! Unless you are a serial killer, in which case, Criminal Minds would tell me that is not okay, not okay. 

Anyways, in conclusion, Team Average isn’t so bad, I’m a huge spokesperson for us and we’re always looking for more members, so don’t be afraid of being average at something, we can’t all be Robert Downey Jr.*

xx your gal, AL.

*I wish we could though, omg how cool would that be? Iron man!



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