Whats Your Number?

Hookay! So I just finished my second spin class of the day and I’m feeling kinda hyped. Therefore, please don’t judge me but this post might be all the over the frickin map.

I ain’t playing tonight guys, I have a real bone to pick, what the heck is the obsession with who people have slept with? Stay with me now. I mean, why are people so interested in the amount of people you have or haven’t slept with, the sex of said people and what said people look like? Could I say people one more time?

The issue I have with this is, it’s literally none of your business. That simple. Now, if you’re comfortable talking about who you slept with, and the 5 W’s, then you go for it, but don’t make other people feel bad or awkward because it isn’t something they want to get into. I know its 2017, but some humans still like having things kept private. Letterkenny said it best “It’s impolite to ask about someones sexual history.” Oh and the million other great lines they have.

Don’t. Get. Me. Wrong. You absolutely shouldn’t have to hide any of this information and you shouldn’t be judged for whatever the answers may be, but if you chose to not disclose this because it’s what you want, a-freaking-men. You go glen co-co.

The beauty of the world is that we all get to create our own versions of it. In my version, I am a superstar, badass, sweet as can be, don’t fuck with me, confident, mini hulk, who always has copious amounts of food and drinks to offer you. The reality is, sadly, slightly different, cause I’m poor, but I don’t let that bring me down. You are not what others make of you and frankly, what other people think of you is also, none of your business.

Live your life for you. If that means sleeping with a bunch of men or woman, as long as you are safe and it is mutually consensual*, then go for it. Same, same, if you are waiting until marriage to find that special someone, I deeply respect both of these types of people. If you have the confidence and the ability to live for yourself you will never regret a day in your life.

xx your gal, AL.

*Seriously, MUTUALLY, just because they can’t say no doesn’t mean yes and just because they said yes at first and then they changed their mind, also doesn’t mean yes, you Donald Trump worshiping fucktards. 


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