Caffeine Communication

I remember going to Tim Horton’s every single morning for two years straight and ordering a medium double, double, because lets face it, that’s the most stereotypical Canadian drink of choice and I “couldn’t even” if I didn’t have my coffee. I was always so appalled when my dad would visit and he would order a large black coffee, because it was bitter and gross, but what I quickly learned was that the coffee you order kind of matches your personality and I, at an alarmingly rapid pace, became bitter and gross too.

Now, to clarify, I have two dads one biological father and one step-dad, but that is not how I wish to characterize them. So! For the sake of their identities and dignity, we’ll call them, Black Coffee and Chia Latte. I wish I could say I love them both equally but it varies day-to-day based on which of them is being more attentive to me. Sorry dads!

I always wanted to be like Black Coffee and Chia Latte, they have been my heroes for as long as I can remember. Not only because they have amazing taste in caffeine, but because they are witty, smart and kinda weird. When I first started drinking my coffee black, it was actually because my dad seemed so adult when he ordered it, key word, “seemed” he in fact is not. But I so wanted to be like him, so I kept ordering it and kept ordering it until one day, I was shook, it tasted delicious, like the coffee gods came down and blessed my coffee personally, can I get an, Amen? I excitedly texted my dad, “OMG, you’re not going to believe it, I’ve been ordering my coffee black and I actually really like it!!” to which, in true Black Coffee fashion, he responded, “It’s amazing how good something can be when you cover it up with sh*t”… Thanks dad, thanks.

Flash forward to 2016, when I officially (I have like 4 “but first, coffee” shirts) became a pretentious coffee drinker. In the world of Instagram and Snapchat, Starbucks became even more popular than it already was and I quickly came to realize I could not afford that luxury, but thankfully for me, Chai Latte came to the rescue and we started meeting for morning coffees whenever we could fit it in. This happened probably twice a week for a couple of months before I moved out to Vancouver and those dates were what I most looked forward too. Chai Latte would talk to me about all the new projects he was working on, what was exciting him lately or stressing him out and we would just laugh and talk. Hands down the best dates I’ve ever been on, which is sad, because they were with my dad, but it’s true and the truth hurts.

I came back to Calgary in April to surprise Chai Latte and my mom/dream girl/James’ grandma/superstar and surprise them I did. I arrived at their house at 6AM and just missed Chai, so after spending an amazing morning with my mom I went to our normal coffee location and I texted Chai Latte to come meet up. Several texts later, that went something like:

Me: “I’m at our coffee spot! Come meet me?”
CL: “I love you, you’re so friggen awesome, I’ve been trying to cut back on luxuries lately”
Me: “This one is on me!”
CL: “Awwe!!”
Me: “I’m sitting at a high top waiting for you.”
CL: “Wish I was there?”
Me: “Why arent you???”
CL: *cry face*
Me: *sends photo of starbucks*
CL: “WOW that looks a lot like the Starbucks we used to go to!”
Me: “It is… I’m here…. come here now!!!”
CL: “omw”

We finally met up and I succeeded, kinda, at my surprise! In his defense, he misread my text so he didn’t catch on as quickly as he normally does, but it made the whole thing that much sweeter.

The point is, coffee gave me the best connection to two of my favorite people in this world. Not only that, but it gives me the energy to deal with the people who aren’t my favorite as well, that list is much longer in case you were wondering. Whether it is a coffee, tea or soda that is your caffeine fix I hope that this week and every week you make some time to grab a cup of your choice and catch up with friends or family. And hey, even if it goes terribly and you accidentally agree to get back together with your awful ex, at least you got a free drink out of it!

Let me know your favorite coffee shops, if you’re in YVR even better, but I love all suggestions, I have a coffee bucket list!

xx your gal, AL

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