Plant Power

Plants are our friends; but up until now I’ve always just thought that was because they’re so asthetically pleasing. I was wrong, which seems to be a common theme lately, not the point, but I’m just saying, it’s come to be expected on my part. ANYWHO, you can only imagine my surprise when I finally took the time to get some sick knowledge gains around why plant-based diets are so popular these days and after a couple of hours of google and google and Instagram #metgala2017, then google again, I decided I’m going to give this a shot.

I am a very open-minded person and I have struggled with my weight and feeling exhausted for a long time so believe me, I have tried a lot of diets, gluten-free, only gluten, just eat meat, never have meat, juice cleanses and everything in between. All I have been left with after these diets has been a hole in my wallet and a major headache, metaphorically and literally. Have you ever completed a juice cleanse? its awful! Zero stars, would not recommend, do not pass go and collect $200, just go to jail, you’ll be better off there. However, the benefits of a plant-based diet seem hard to argue and since I finally caved and went to the doctor (after waiting 3 years) only to find out I actually do have hypothyroidism, its more important now than ever that I’m aware of what I’m putting into my body and that I’m putting the right things into it.

Next week I’m going to do another post to update you on what I’ve been eating, a bit of a food diary of sorts and how I’m feeling. Plant based diet, working out and taking the medication I should have been on for the past few years, dare I say, I’m becoming something I never thought I’d be… Healthy.

Stay tuned guys, I’ve got some big things coming and I’m so excited to share them with you!

xx your gal, AL.

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