Home Is Where The Heart Is

I moved to Vancouver with no idea of what was going to transpire. I never would’ve thought that I’d be living on my own, working from home most days, a block from the beach and surrounded by people I love.

My roommate/bff/sister/only friend who really laughs with me, Meagan, moved out on the first and although that was a very stressful move for her, I’m still so lucky because it wasn’t on bad terms or anything, we just both knew we needed our own space after living together in a studio apartment for 8 months, but when in Vancouver, you gotta do what you gotta do.

This morning, I said goodbye to a dear friend who came to visit me for a few days. Do you ever meet someone and just know  that they deserve the best things in life and that they’re going to do the most incredible, inspiring things for themselves and those around them? That’s, Luc. He’s hard on himself because he knows what he wants, he finds a goal and he works and he doesn’t stop working, I need to take a lesson from him because I spend 98% of my time avoiding the goal, running from the goal, not acknowledging the goal, etc…

If you asked me what my least favorite thing about, Luc is, I wouldn’t have one. He is unapologetically himself and he spent a good portion of his visit reassuring me, that I should be too. Now, If you asked me what my most favorite thing was, I would have a long list, but each list has a number one. My number one favorite thing is that even after not speaking or seeing each other for upwards of a year or more at times, when we do finally reconnect (and we always do) it’s like I simply have my friend back, there is no acknowledgement of what time has passed, there is no anger or resentment, there is just mutual love and respect. The thing is, no matter how long he goes without speaking to me or I go without speaking to him, he knows I love him and I know he loves me. He’d be crazy not to, I’m a delight.

When I planned how I was going to re-do my home and what I wanted it too look like, I knew two things for sure: one, grey, pink and green were the colours I had to stick too and two, I wanted it to be a place people could come, hang out, talk/eat and never feel unwanted or not welcomed. Having Luc stay with me was a wonderful and simple reassurance that I did achieve what I was going for.

The saying “Home is where the heart is” is something I’ve heard my whole life and never really understood; until I moved to Vancouver. I miss my family daily of course and I spend the majority of my time texting or calling to say I love them, but Vancouver is where my heart is and it’s where I’d like it to stay for a bit. I like to think that with the right mindset I could live anywhere and make it a home, but something about the ocean just brings me peace, therefore I’m going to do all I can to be surrounded by ocean and good people for the rest of my time on this planet.

Today, sitting at home, drinking my coffee, writing this post and watching the rain, I can truly say my heart is full. However, now it is time to make my tummy full, so I’m going to make some bacon and eggs and relax a bit before I start work.

Tell me what does your dream home look like? Is it a feeling? An aesthetic? Or is it really just where your heart is?

Thanks so much, talk soon.

xx your gal, AL,


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