Pinterest Party

I was like really late on the Pinterest train, this is because of two things:

1. I was super into Tumblr.
2. At times I am very technologically damaged and Pinterest was too advanced.

Like most things in my life though, I jumped right in when my BFF, Meg Lee (I’m using her real name until she tells me I’m not allowed) and I decided we needed to dress better for work, which we did not do, but we did spend about 80% of our work days looking at Pinterest and designing our future lives, future bodies and future homes. I am now realizing, maybe that is why we never got the raises that we needed in order to afford to dress better… Well live and don’t learn, thats what I say.

There is honestly no point to this blog post, but I was on Pinterest this morning and I just realized that it is such a simple and great tool but I have trouble using it. I didn’t know that people could see what you pinned so I was in my Gigi Hadid fashion/jealous of her body stage and I looked totally creepy, then I could switch and just pin dank memes and then I’d switch too, how to lose 10 pounds in 10 minutes. The level of desperate and weird I looked was very high, I mean, well higher than usual at least. Then I learned that it suggests you follow people, or maybe I agreed to that, I clearly don’t know. BUT all the sudden I was pinning all these posts from girls I was super jealous of in high school who spent most of our classes together actively ignoring me and not inviting me to parties, but I would show up anyways because in 2010, in the era of cell phones I was still using the excuse, “my invite must’ve gotten lost in the mail.” It baffles me that they never liked me, I was super chill, clearly.

Today I’m learning a bit more about how to Pinterest but I swear to you, I just learned the other day that if you click the photos they sometimes take you to the links about the photo… Mind-blowing, well to me. Sometimes I get to caught up in it though and I start planning how I’m going to re-design my house without realizing that I do not have the space nor the funds to do so, but I get damn into it. After all I’ve learned, there is one very, very important thing to take away from this, do not, I repeat, DO NOT, search for the cure or reasoning behind some embarrassing medical issue on Pinterest. Fun fact, it will show up on other peoples accounts and it will be linked to you if you save anything. I share this knowledge because this has happened to me about 3 times now and again, live and don’t f*cking learn…. dear lord, I frustrate myself sometimes.

Anyways, I’m out for today but I’ll have another post tomorrow, hopefully a bit more entertaining and slightly meaningful. There is an update on my fitness and plant-based blog post coming, hint, it isn’t going great. Keep your eyes peeled!

Happy Friday Kiddos!!

xx your gal, AL.


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