Mothers Day Madness

Can we be honest for just a second here? Not all mom’s need to be celebrated today. There is such thing as a bad mom and on a day where people all over the world are telling you “be thankful for your mom today” I’m here to tell you that you do not need to be thankful if your mother has harmed you, damaged you or made you feel inadequate. You would not tolerate it if a stranger were to do this to you, therefore it is not something you need to tolerate just because your family has done this to you.  Clearly I have mommy issues, but you’ll learn to love it.

The truth is there are bad people in this world and you don’t need to treat them differently just because of the title they were given. You have the ability to choose your family and to choose to walk away when it is the best thing for you to do. Now before any hate or judgement comes, I am blessed. I have a bonus mom, Brandie, who is everything to me. She lets me annoy her, blast music and dance around at 8AM, drinks copious amounts of wine with me and will always stay up late talking. She is my ma, she is the one I was lucky enough to get to choose (oh and thanks dad for choosing her and thanks Brandie for loving him.) I also have a legal mom, who just to paint you a prtty picture, started a rumour when I was 15 years old that I slept with 5 men in one night. There are two major problems with that, 1. I’ve been alive for 24 years and never once have I had 5 men interested in me at once…. or even in total. 2. I can barely walk up a flight of stairs without being winded, I sure as hell don’t have the stamina for 5 guys.

Thankfully, I was blessed with a twisted sense of humour too. So I’m not angry at my legal mom at all anymore, in fact we talk and are on good terms but some of my most hilarious stories and memories come from the bad situations she put us in or the things she has done to us. I guess in reality I could celebrate her today but I don’t think she would appreciate my sentiment. Therefore, I will continue to celebrate my bonus mom. Brandie, I love you, you make my life so much brighter and you make me want to be better, stronger, kinder and get a nicer butt because yours is bomb and I’m crazy jealous I don’t actually have your genes. James and I love you and are so grateful for you every single day, even from hundreds of miles away.

Just as there are bad moms there are good moms and I absolutely believe in celebrating them. If you have someone in your life you consider a mom even if they aren’t related to you in any way, you should definitely celebrate them today and everyday. That is the thing about being a “mom” it is a choice you make and a choice that you have to keep on making every day. The fact that there are so many incredible woman out there who chose love and chose to help others is amazing and to all those woman today, I salute you and I love you and all you do.

Hugs to all of you today, with moms or without. You deserve happiness.

xx your gal, AL.