Sunburn Saturday

I always want such nice sun-kissed skin, because I’m about 20% more attractive when I have it, but I f*cked up. I am cherry tomato and this is not a good color on me. This morning was the first beautiful day in a while here in Vancouver so my friend and I decided to make the most of it! It was like 2008 with Gym, Tan and Laundry, except I didn’t gym or laundry. Basically, it was a good day.

Saturdays are the only days I have off work so when it reaches the holy day I like to fit in as much fun as I can, that also includes taking James on as many walks as possible (i.e. 22KM today), yet as I write this she is sitting beside me, wiggling her butt, trying to get me to throw the toy for her, I honestly can’t even keep up with her energy, which is saying a lot..

In exciting news though, my roommate/bff got her own apartment in Vancouver and is moving in for June 1st, so we will be living apart for the first time in like 5 years! Thank god she is one of my only friends in Vancouver though, because that means she’ll still have to hang out with me. I can’t stress this enough, she is way cooler than I am. I am #blessed every time she wants to be seen in public with me. Today we spent the day exploring South Granville to get some inspiration for how she is going to re-do her place! Thankfully for me, I already picked my theme and I’m pretty stubborn so my mind doesn’t change as much as hers, but I still love exploring! She isn’t telling me how is going to re-do her place and we’re not going to go over to each others apartments until its they’re done so that is a surprise! I’m stoked and will absolutely be doing a blog post on what she does and where she gets everything from.

Anyways, on the note of re-doing homes, if anyone in Vancouver has any recommendations for furniture stores or little nicknack stores, please send them my way I would greatly appreciate it! Stay tuned next week guys, I have some collaborations in the works and I can’t wait to share them.

xx your gal, AL.

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